Do you do custom tattoos?

Yes! Although I only take on a limited number of custom designs each month, I am happy to draw a custom design for you if your concept fits within my interests and the type of work that I do. I do not deviate from the style of work that you see on my Instagram and website. 

Please understand that my availability to take on custom work is limited, so I have to be selective.  I try to only take on custom designs that I feel excited about and know that I will be able to execute well. I love hearing your ideas and some of my very favorite tattoos have come from custom requests, so don’t be shy! For custom inquiries, submit a request through my form on the “Booking” page or send an email to jaycrosbytattoos@gmail.com.

Where can I find your flash?

I post all new flash (pre-drawn designs) on my instagram feed and try to keep available flash posted in my instagram highlights. Flash is available on a first come first serve basis and usually goes quickly! I do not have a physical flash book or any other flash that is not posted on my Instagram- what you see there is what is currently available. I can no longer book you for flash that I haven’t created yet, I can only book you if you claim an available piece, sometimes that means waiting until I have more flash available. If you see a piece that you’re not sure is still available, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Is your flash repeatable? 

Most of my flash is NOT repeatable and is available on a first come first serve basis (first person to claim a design and put down a deposit for a date). I do not repeat flash designs unless otherwise stated. When I do post repeatable flash (meaning the same design will be tattooed on multiple people), it will be stated in my original post of that flash and confirmed again with the client when they book. 

How do I claim a flash design?

Flash designs are considered claimed after we have decided on a date and I have received your deposit. To claim a design from my Instagram, submit a request through my form on the “Booking” page or send an email to jaycrosbytattoos@gmail.com.

How long have you been tattooing?

I’m still a new tattoo artist! I started tattooing in June 2018 as a tattoo school student (it’s an Oregon thing) and I got licensed in September 2018.


What are your rates?

Please visit my “Booking” page for my rates and details on my sliding scale policy.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book? 

Once we decide on a date for your appointment, I will ask that you send a $20 deposit via Venmo to hold your spot. The deposit is non refundable and goes towards the cost of your tattoo the day of. After you submit your deposit for the date we discussed, you’re good to go! 

Do you have a cancellation/rescheduling policy? 

Deposits are non-refundable to cover the time  that I put into booking and balancing my calendar. I am happy to transfer a deposit to a new date if:

  • You give me 7 days notice before the date of your original apt 

  • Your new date is no more than 4 weeks out from your original apt. 

If you need to cancel entirely, please still let me know with as much notice as possible so that I can attempt to fill that spot. Thank you!

When does it make sense to come in for a consult?

I prefer to discuss appointments and designs via email. I am able to do this work from home during the hours that I designate to booking clients. However, there are two instances where I feel an in-person consultation is appropriate:

  • When someone is booked for their first tattoo and wants to discuss it face to face 

  • When someone is booked for a large or complex piece that is difficult for me to visualize without discussing placement and design in person. 

Consultations happen at the shop and are free. They typically last 15-30 minutes and are scheduled usually about a week or so before your appointment. I will only schedule you for a consult if you have already been booked/paid a deposit for your appointment. I will not have a fully finished design for you at your consult, but I will have a developed sketch and be able to answer any questions you have! 

If the above does not apply to you but you still want to come in for a consult for any other reason, just let me know! 

Can I send you reference photos of other tattoos/art that I like?

This is always a tricky one- it can be awkward when someone asks for a custom design and then sends a bunch of photos of another artist’s tattoos (especially when it’s another local artist). It makes me feel like there is an unrealistic expectation for me to emulate another artist’s style. I much prefer for someone to describe what they are wanting and send photos of my work that they like that lead them to choose me for their tattoo, if they’d like. I occasionally do ask for reference photos when I need clarification on what you’re imagining- photographs of real things are great for this (for example, a photo of a specific type of flower that you want VS a tattoo of that same flower that another artist did). I also am happy to see sketches that you drew yourself of how you want your tattoo to look, if you have a very specific image in mind.

Can I see my design before my appointment?

Yes! I send designs 1-3 days before your appointment so that you can sit with it for a bit and so that we have time to make any changes before your appointment if needed. I can accommodate small changes (resizing and some minor design adjustments) on the day of your appointment but not larger changes. I draw by hand and redrawing things is often not possible given the time we have laid out for your appointment. 

For certain designs, I’ll sometimes send a rough sketch for you to see before I put the time into finalizing your design. 
Seeing a design beforehand is a courtesy that I really like to offer my clients. Please do not take my design(s) or sketches to another artist to get tattooed.

What if I am not satisfied with my design?

If you don’t completely dig your design, that’s ok! That’s why I send designs beforehand, so that we have time to make changes. I don’t start drawing until I feel like I fully understand what you’re wanting your design to look like based on the info you’ve provided me. I don’t charge for adjustments to your design, but if you want major changes that would require redrawing or if you want me to draw an entirely new design, I reserve the right to ask for a $20-50 design fee based on how much time I’ve put into your design already. 

Will you send a reminder about my appointment?

Yes, I check in with all clients 1-3 days before your appointment to confirm. If I do not reach out to you the day before your appointment, please check in with me via email or Instagram. In the super rare case that I get sick or have an emergency and need to cancel, I will contact you with as much notice as possible. I always recommend checking your email (or Instagram if that’s how we’ve been communicating) before leaving for your appointment.


Where are you located and what is the space like?

I work at Daydream Tattoo located at 2426 NE Broadway in Portland, OR. We are located at street level and wheelchair accessible. 

The shop has an open layout and I work with five other lovely and talented artists. There are no permanent barriers between stations, but we do have screen barriers that we can put up for privacy upon request. For further privacy, paper towels can be cut into nipple covers and table barriers can also be used as well to cover areas that are not being tattooed from being exposed. I never want anyone to feel like they have to expose more than they are comfortable with. 

What should I bring?

Your ID! The state of Oregon requires that you provide a govt issued unexpired photo ID to get tattooed. I cannot accept birth certificates, expired IDs, or non-govt issued IDs (like school IDs).

I also suggest eating before your appointment and bringing water along with you.

Can I bring a friend?

If you are anxious about getting tattooed and want to bring a friend or partner along, that’s totally fine! I can accommodate one guest at my station. Since our waiting area is small, please do not bring more than one person with you to your appointment.

This is my first tattoo, what can I expect?

Think about where you want your tattoo. We will apply a stencil (a print of the design) to the spot you want tattooed. I’m happy to try the stencil in different spots if you’re undecided and we can re-apply it as many times as we need until your happy with the placement! Wear clothing that is comfy and will allow easy access to the area being tattooed. 

Allow yourself enough time in your schedule for your appointment.  I’ll try and give you a rough estimate of how long your tattoo will take, but it’s important to give yourself extra time in case it takes longer then expected. You may also feel tired after your tattoo and need some time to relax or eat afterwards. 

Be prepared to properly take care of your tattoo as it’s healing. Your tattoo will take about 4 weeks to fully heal. Getting tattooed right before a big backpacking trip or a vacation where you’ll want to swim is not recommended. Feel free to review my aftercare sheet before you come in or reach out with any questions or concerns before your appointment! 

Will you take a photo and/or post a photo of my tattoo on your Instagram or Website? 

I always ask if we can take a photo in the shop before you leave. Having a photo of your tattoo is vital to me being able to learn and have a record of all of the tattoos that I’ve done. If you ever are in need of a touch up, I always want to have a photo of your fresh tattoo to refer to. You never have to expose more than the area of your tattoo in a photo. However, if you are not comfortable with being photographed at all, please understand that you can decline. 

I am happy to send the photos to you as well so you have them to share yourself! Your photos will never be shared privately. 

I will always ask your permission before posting a photo on my Instagram or Website. You can absolutely decline to have your photo posted and do not have to provide a reason. In the past I have been inconsistent with this, based on the area of the tattoo, but I am now making this a universal part of my practice regardless of where your tattoo is located. You can also retract consent at any time if you decide later that you no longer want your photo featured on my IG or  Website.  

I cannot guarantee that a photo of your tattoo will be posted. I post only about half the tattoos that I do, as my Instagram and website are heavily curated. If I don’t post your photo, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t mean that I don’t like how your tattoo came out! 

What forms of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash whenever possible, but I can accept Venmo as a backup. There is an ATM across the street at the Food Mart, but I believe it has a $200 limit. 

Do you accept tips?

Yes! Tips are incredibly appreciated.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions not addressed here or on my Booking Page, please send me an email!