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I specialize in detailed blackwork tattoos incorporating fine lines and dotwork. I don’t offer full color tattoos or work that is outside of the style that you see in my portfolio. I enjoy creating work that involves plants, animals, sentimental objects, and queer themes.


As of August 2019, I have changed from a flat rate to a sliding scale hourly rate.

My rate is now sliding scale $120-150/hr. For work that takes less than an hour, $120 is my lowest rate (with some exceptions for super small or simple designs).

Most of my work falls within the 1-3 hour range. I cannot guarantee how long your tattoo will take, but I will always give you an estimate before you come in so you can plan accordingly. For certain large or super detailed work that will take multiple sessions or exceed 4 hours, we can discuss a flat rate that works for your budget and/or a payment plan. 

The sliding scale model allows you to choose the cost of your tattoo that works for your budget. I understand that even my lowest rate may not be affordable for all. If you have a budget that is lower than the number of hours I have quoted your tattoo taking, please let me know so we can discuss your options!

Please review my sliding scale policy below.

Sliding Scale

While tattoos are often viewed as a luxury expense, I know that they can be incredibly healing and are often deeply linked to self care and feeling at home in our bodies. Because I believe in the importance of tattoos as a form of self care, I offer sliding scale and payment plans as a way to make my work more accessible. 

Consider paying less on the scale if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are BIPOC or otherwise non-white 

  • You are Trans 

  • You belong to a community that lacks representation in the tattoo industry 

  • You have medical expenses and/or have been denied work due to a chronic illness, or otherwise experience discrimination related to ableism

  • If this tattoo is meant to cover up or reclaim self harm scars 

  • You have a low paying job, do not have access to savings or family money, or cannot reasonably afford my higher rate

If none of the above apply to you, please consider paying more on the scale. Know that when you pay more on the scale:

  • You are helping to make my work more accessible by allowing me to offer tattoos at a lower rate to others

  • You are allowing me to pay reparations  and donate to people in need more frequently 

  • You are supporting a non-binary Trans artist and helping me afford health care and financial independence  

I will never ask you to prove or otherwise justify what rate you choose.  

Thank you to A-B ( for allowing me to use their sliding scale format as a model for my own. 

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CUSTOM: Please use the "Description" form below to describe in detail what you want your tattoo to consist of! Be as specific as possible, for example, instead of "flowers" please tell me the specific type of flower that you would like. Please understand that I do not create work outside of the style of tattoos that you can find here and on my Instagram. FLASH (pre-drawn designs): I post all of my available flash on my Instagram highlights (@jaycrosbytattoo). Flash designs are not repeated, unless otherwise stated. If you are interested in flash, you will need to book for a specific design. I will let you know if the design you want has already been taken and I will provide you with some options (a similar custom design or other available flash). Please indicate in the "Description" form below which flash design you are interested in.
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