You will need:

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 7.17.25 PM.png

  1. Unscented antibacterial liquid hand soap OR Castille soap (no bar soap)

  2. Aquaphor healing ointment

  3. Lubriderm lotion


Clear bandages can be left on for 1-4 days. Showering with the bandage is okay, but do not soak it in water. If the bandage falls off prematurely, do not put it back on. Remove bandage if it is no longer tight against the skin, or otherwise allowing dirt/debris to reach your tattoo. Remove bandage if your skin becomes irritated or itchy. Proceed with aftercare after removal.


Before touching your new tattoo, wash your hands with unscented antibacterial hand soap. Create a small amount of suds and gently clean your tattoo, rinsing with warm water. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. 2x a day for 3 days: Directly after washing/drying your tattoo, apply a thin layer of aquaphor to entire tattoo. Discontinue if skin becomes red/itchy. After 3 days, for remainder of 2 weeks: replace use of aquaphor with lubriderm lotion.

PLEASE DO NOT Wear tight clothing over your tattoo for 1 week//Exercise or sweat heavily in area of tattoo for 2 weeks//Submerge tattoo in water of any kind for 1 month//Use scented products on tattoo for 1 month//Tan or expose  tattoo to direct sunlight during healing//Pick or scratch tattoo during the healing process.

DURING HEALING Area of tattoo might be slightly swollen and red for a few days following procedure//Blood/ink might be present on bandage, sheets, or clothing//Tattoo will scab and look dull/uneven while healing//Dark shading can fade up to 40% while healing//Exercising directly after getting a tattoo could cause the fresh ink to shift within the skin, making lines look thicker/less crisp.