Photo by Dan Stanton (IG: @crayonton)

Photo by Dan Stanton (IG: @crayonton)

Jay is a 26 year old non-binary trans artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Before deciding to pursue their career as a tattoo artist, they received formal training as an illustrator through Ringling College of Art and Design. Since graduating in 2015, they have focused on freelance illustration, artist residencies, and personal / gallery work. Their traditional graphite pieces focus on exploring and celebrating connections within natural world.

Jay began training as a tattoo artist in Portland and received their license to practice in September 2018. They started working at Daydream Tattoo in October 2018. Many of their tattoos feature plants and animals, as well as abstract or stylized design elements. Jay is excited to experiment with elements of surrealism in their designs and tattoo some larger conceptual pieces in 2019.

For more information about Jay’s booking and tattoo process, please visit the FAQ page. For tattoo related inquiries, please email jaycrosbytattoos@gmail.com. For illustration related inquiries, please email Jaycrosbybarry@gmail.com.

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